What is Froogle?

Froogle is a digital platform for maximizing sales revenue during off peak hours. Users get exciting coupons for food, grocery, electronics, travel and more.

How to use Froogle?

Step 1: Sign up visiting www.froogle.social

Step 2: Check the list of partners and ADD coupons to your wallet from Froogle Newsfeed or visiting partner's Froogle page.

Step 3: Check the date, time and the day coupon is VALID on the reverse side of the coupon. Tap the front side of the coupon to flip

Step 4: Visit the participating store during the Validity of the coupon and press the REDEEM button before making payment.

Step 5: After you pressed REDEEM, the participating store will validate your REQUEST using a smartphone provided by us.

Step 6: Keep smiling, keep froogling and please share your experience with friends on social media so we can keep bringing amazing deals every day.

How is Froogle Social?

The coupon redeemed gets posted on your Froogle timeline which can be seen by your friends and family on their Froogle Newsfeed which may trigger a conversation regarding your experience on Froogle and thus it is social.

Who are my friends on Froogle?

Your friends from Facebook who also connect to Froogle using Facebook Login. In addition, you can add friends on Froogle just how you would add friends on Facebook. Its fun and easy!

What is the level of discount on Froogle?

The minimum discount offered is 25% and sky's the limit :-)

How does the community benefit from Froogle?

Froogle brings outstanding offers from your favorite brands. Both businesses (cafe, restaurant, hotel, airlines, lifestyle, etc) and users are benefited from using Froogle. Sometimes businesses wants to give deals/promotions during off-peak hours, during SALE, during times when their cashflow is low, at times when they want to liquidate stock, or provide introductory offers for new arrivals and so forth.

Sometimes businesses want to give deals/promotions which may not reach out to potential customers at the right time or through the right channels such as TV/Newspaper. Nowadays social media is even oversaturated with too many ads.

Since Froogle specifically deals with coupons ONLY, we are able to filter campaigns for the target audience that triggers a commercial transaction. This social commerce platform enables Froogle users to get valuable feedback and reviews from friends and family they can trust.

How does it benefit Froogle?

Froogle wants you to have a great experience. Your happiness is a billion dollar smile for us :-) Get addicted to Froogle or miss out on crazy deals in your town. Let the fun begin!